About ten million euros Sebastian Deisler has received a loan from Bayern advance. But because that brings in tax disadvantages, the Berlin has repaid the money back.

Vorauszahlungen, trust deposits, loans: The Bundesliga clubs are imaginative always been when it comes to successfully recruit new players. This was so in the past and will remain so in the future.
Spektakulärster case in this series was unquestionably Sebastian Deisler. As had been black proved by bank transfer nationwide visible to know that DM 20 million (10.23 million euros) signing bonus was paid to the player for a completed until 1 July 2002. Exchange, an outcry went through the soccer country. The pillory: the FC Bayern Munich.

Football: Deisler confirms the move to Bayern

The media echo startled players like club alike. Bayern general manager Uli Honeße finally admitted sheepishly payment as a “loan” to. Yet the matter is not over. Because Deisler will repay the conceded Bayern Munich signing bonus to his new club. Which reported the trade magazine Kicker on Monday.

Money repaid: Sebastian Deisler

Tax reasons were decisive for this step. Because the tax office you come at a “cash benefit”; is to say: There are taxes due.

“Although I am not a tax expert. But it is a normal procedure that a loan is repaid, “Deisler said tersely in Marbella in Hertha training camp. “Now I’m already hardened in this matter. But when the time came out with the loan because that was a shock to me. Which had deeply affected me? ”

AC is not in question

On the change of Hertha for Germany’s most successful repayment does not affect. The 22-year-old plays from 1 July 2002 for Bayern. Hertha conceded a committed fee of nine million euros for the coveted midfielder. Deisler contract runs until of 2006.

Deisler obviously transferred the DM 20 million (10.23 million euros), which he had collected from the World Cup winner last year as a “loan” for the change to the new season, of which Munich back. The question now is whether the Bayern transfer the money in other ways to the player.

Also, Kehl repaid the money

Deisler did in any case exactly what also international Sebastian Kehl had already made. For even the courted by Bayern Kehl, who is now at Borussia Dortmund contract had a signing bonus in the amount of 1.5 million marks from the Munich (767,000 euros) conceded.

The ex-Freiburg also had – including interest – returned to Bayern. Then Kehl but not moved to Munich but hired to the annoyance of Munich in Dortmund. Hertha manager Dieter Hoeness held in the training camp in Marbella, Spain Berlin covered: “I did not comment on the payment and will therefore not comment on the repayment.”

DFL castigates practice

However, the German Football League (DFL), adopts a clear position. As “reprehensible and absolutely wrong” evaluates Heribert Bruchhagen, DFL director’s operation, the common practice is that “players are already taking in the current season money from their future employers in receiving.”

But as the DFL wants such agreements, mostly negotiated behind closed doors and decided to protect? Locks or fines is talk. But the history of the Bundesliga has shown one thing: These machinations and methods were almost never to stop.